Trekking In Nepal Costs

 Costs of trekking in Nepal would be one of the topic of issues who are willing to visit Nepal for trekking.  As we all know travelling costs can be increased or decreased as per our expenses we do for anything while travelling. Costs while travelling or trekking in Nepal may vary as per the standard of hotel you use or as per the transportation medium you use. As cost of hotel vary as per its class and service it provides. 

Other cost is for the type of trek you choose as you know we have two type of trekking in nepal (you may click here to know about it). First one is tea house trekking and second is camping trekking. first one is less costly than second one. As in camping trekking we need to carry lots of equipment including tents all the materials needed so, the cost is obiviously high. So, if your budget is high and want to get different experience choose camping trekking otherwise you may choose tea house trekking as in this type of trek you will be able to be in the local lodges which will be less costly than camping trekking.

Other expenses while trekking is for the permits we pay. As we will be trekking in different regions and different conservation area, we need to pay certain amount in order to enter in these area. you may find the fee for permits in official website of government. (Click Here)

Thus trekking cost in Nepal can be reduced and increased as per the service you get from the agent. What type of hotel you want to use, what kind of service you want to use and all these matters while you are making budget to trek or to travel in Nepal or any where.

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