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Welcome to Ask the Nepal, Trekking & Tour Agency In Nepal

Trekking In Nepal Nepal is a country full of opportunities. If you love incredible adventures or walking peacefully along a path in a quiet valley, discovering and learning different cultures and traditions, tasting special and delicious food, if you love watching wild animals or colourful tropical plants or paragliding down a hill admiring a breathtaking scenario, if you love to jump on a boat and rafting down a river maybe spending a night camping on the shore of it, if you love trekking on high icy mountains contemplating a lunar landscape and a silence out of the ordinary, if you imagine walking on a plateau resembling the Tibetan landscape, if you love climbing, if you love smiling people striving to make you feeling home, if you wish living in the hilly countryside for a while far from the crowd of western society, if you love meditation and ancient oriental therapies, if you dream walking in a tropical forest along with its amazing sounds...Nepal is the place perfect for you. Nepal will be able to give even much back to you that your holiday here will leave a track in your heart. Let us help you to discover it! Let us help you to TREK IN NEPAL

Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

Nepal Tour Packages


Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour 7-days

Upon your arrival in the Kathmandu International Airport. You will be welcomed by a representative from Ask The Nepal


Nepal Culture Tour

Nepal's cultural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley is illustrated by seven groups of monuments and buildings which display the full.


Nepal Introductory Trip 16 Days

Nepal, being a historical and cultural heart of this world, is a popular destination for tourists, trekkers and adventure seekers.


Kathmandu and Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour 7days

We start a guided tour to four of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu. Kathmandu Durbar Square holds the palaces .